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Tier 3- Solid Roots Foundations

Welcome to Solid Roots, A Framework for Tier 3, as part of a comprehensive Multi-Tiered Systems of Support for Behavior. Tier 3 systems should be built upon the foundation established through instruction at the Tier 1 level. The purpose of Tier 3 interventions is to provide students with intensive, individualized interventions. Through intervention, students receive …

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Tier 3- Behavior Pathway

Before decisions can be made on how to best individualize interventions and supports for students, a thorough investigation of the type and purpose of student behavior must be conducted. This section includes resources to investigate behaviors thoroughly and accurately to ensure the most effective intervention planning for improved student outcomes. Downloads & Videos Click the …

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Tier 3 Intervention- Monitor & Prompt

Establishing and Teaching Social Emotional & Behavioral Skills Monitor & Prompt is an extension of the Skill Building component. The purpose of Monitor & Prompt is to support students in school-based settings to successfully implement the skills and strategies taught during socials skills instruction. During Monitor & Prompt, staff utilize pre-correction strategies to address minor …

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