Certificate Courses

Certificate Courses consist of self-paced modules for asynchronous learning. Learning is enhanced through video, interactive activities, and downloadable resources. Upon completion, participants receive a certificate for continuing education hours. Course length varies from one to six hours.


Introduction to Tier 2 Systems: The Bridges Framework for Behavior Support

This course is designed to provide an overview of the purpose and components of Tier 2 behavior systems in schools. Topics include Check-in/Check-out, small group skills instruction, feedback with the Daily Behavior Report Card (DBRC), team processes for student identification and progress monitoring.


Introduction to Tier 1 Systems: Laying the Ground Work for Behavior Support

This course provides an overview of the purpose and components of Tier 1 behavior systems in schools. Topics include making connections, skills & expectations, providing feedback through acknowledgment & correction, team processes for system support, and data-informed decisions.


The Heart of Behavior: A Framework for the FBA & BIP Process

This course equips participants with the knowledge and skills they need to conduct quality functional behavior assessments (FBA) and develop effective behavior intervention plans (BIP). Topics include process overview, data collection, planning & selecting interventions, and progress monitoring.


Feedback with the Daily Behavior Report Card (DBRC) Intervention

This course introduces the foundational components of the Feedback with DBRC intervention and provides guidance for successful implementation in the school setting. Through specific and frequent feedback, staff guide students through reflection and evaluation of their actions to improve future outcomes.


Behavior in Schools: How the Science of Behavior Impacts Students & Schools

This course introduces foundational components of behavior science and how they are applied in the school environment. Topics include developing an instructional mindset for behavior, selecting replacement behaviors, understanding the function of behavior, and reinforcing & correcting behavior.


The Check-In Check-Out Intervention for Schools

This course introduces the purpose and process of the Check-In/Check-Out daily behavior intervention. Interactive activities, video modeling and downloadable resources are provided throughout the course to guide successful implementation. This course is useful for behavior interventionists, counselors, or other school staff.


Classroom Management Framework

This course helps participants create an effective plan for Tier 1 classroom behavior support. Topics include making connections, establishing expectations, creating procedures and providing behavioral feedback. This course is useful for classroom teachers.

Recorded Webinars

Recorded Webinars are pre-recorded learning sessions conducted via Zoom. Participants will learn about a variety of social, emotional, and behavioral topics from Emergent Tree Educational consultants and guests. Certificates are not provided for recorded webinars. These recordings are free for viewing and vary in length from 45 to 90 minutes.


Developing a District-Aligned Framework as an Integrated Model for MTSS-Behavior

Audience: District Staff: Directors of MTSS, Special Ed, Student Services, Curriculum, and Instruction

Webinar Length: 1 hour

This webinar demonstrates how to use the Multi-Tiered Tray Framework for Behavior Support that aligns philosophy, language, and processes across the district.


Data for Coaching Classroom Management

Audience: Campus Administrators, Instructional Coaches, Teacher Mentors

Webinar Length: 1 Hour

Webinar Learning Objectives:
– Data sets for measuring components of classroom management
– Analyzing classroom management data
– Using data to facilitate coaching conversations

Universal Behavior Screener

Universal Behavior Screening in Multi-Tiered Systems of Support

This course provides steps to integrating Universal Behavior Screening into campus and district Multi-Tiered Systems of Support to provide proactive and targeted supports for social, emotional and behavioral needs.


Exploring Behavior & Trauma Informed Practices

Emergent Tree Education and guest, Roland Toscano, Superintendent from East Central ISD, explore how trauma informed practices and partnerships with other support providers have enhanced multi-tiered behavior systems to meet the needs of students and their families in ECISD.


Exploring Behavior & Social Emotional Learning (SEL)

Emergent Tree Education and guest, April Chatmon, Director of SEL & Guidance in San Marcos CISD, explore how campus and district teams can integrate SEL into their multi-tiered behavior systems to improve the educational experience for both students and teachers.


Exploring Behavior & Design Thinking

Emergent Tree Education and Dr. Julie Schell discuss how the concepts of design thinking help tackle barriers to effective behavior support in schools. Design thinking involves building empathy, understanding the problem, and engaging in feedback.


Exploring Behavior & Restorative Practices

Emergent Tree and Mark Medley discuss how restorative practices create strong relationships within the school community and enhance multi-tiered systems of behavior support. The webinar explores making connections and repairing harm.


Exploring Behavior & Mental Health

Emergent Tree and Dr. Amy Grosso discuss how mental health supports impact behavior in schools. The webinar provides strategies to begin discussion in your school about the impacts of mental health awareness and services on students and teacher outcomes.


Exploring Behavior & Equity

Emergent Tree and Dr. Rachelle Warren discuss how equity and anti-racist practices impact behavior in schools. The webinar provides strategies to begin discussion in your school about the impacts of race upon student opportunities and outcomes.


Basics 4: The Dos and Don’ts of Behavioral Feedback

Building skills requires explicit teaching, but generalizing and refining those skills requires feedback over time. This webinar demonstrates how to provide iterative feedback to improve student behavior and build independence.


Basics 3: How To Use ABC Data To Understand Behavior

The underlying motivation for challenging behavior is not always obvious. This webinar presents the basics of using antecedent, behavior, consequence (ABC) data to determine the function of challenging behavior.


Basics 2: Understanding the Functions of Behavior

Challenging behavior in the classroom can feel unpredictable and difficult to understand. This webinar decodes the underlying motivations of behavior helping teachers feel more confident and competent.


Basics 1: Flipping Your Focus to a Skills Based Approach

It is easy to focus on misbehavior. But flipping the focus towards prosocial behaviors enables school staff to take an instructional approach to behavior change, leading to greater success for students.

Training Resources

Training resources are provided for clients who engage in live training for an Emergent Tree Education framework for Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS). They include access to downloadable templates, and in some cases, video modeling.

Heart of Behavior: FBA & BIP Training Downloads

The Heart of Behavior FBA & BIP Training Downloads provides materials to support the development of quality Functional Behavior Assessments and effective Behavior Intervention Plans. It is available to individuals and campuses that have previously completed a Heart of Behavior live training. The downloads include templates and video resources.

Looking for Emergent Tree Framework Resources for Tiers 1-3? These subscriptions have moved for 2023 to our new, more user-friendly webpages, which can be accessed from the MTSS-Behavior Tools Portal.