Certificate Courses

Emergent Tree Education offers the following online courses available for purchase by individuals for strengthening their knowledge in various aspects of student behavior in schools. After enrolling and completing a course, individuals will receive an official course completion certificate including the number of hours required for completing the course.

In addition to individual purchasers, the following courses are available for bulk purchase by administrators or other school officials interested in making these courses available to their staff. Please reach out using the chat icon at the bottom of your screen to make arrangements for such a purchase.


Introduction to Tier 2 Systems: The Bridges Framework for Behavior Support

This course is designed to provide an overview of the purpose and components of Tier 2 behavior systems in schools. Topics include Check-in/Check-out, small group skills instruction, feedback with the Daily Behavior Report Card (DBRC), team processes for student identification and progress monitoring.


Introduction to Tier 1 Systems: Laying the Ground Work for Behavior Support

This course provides an overview of the purpose and components of Tier 1 behavior systems in schools. Topics include making connections, skills & expectations, providing feedback through acknowledgment & correction, team processes for system support, and data-informed decisions.


The Heart of Behavior: A Framework for the FBA & BIP Process

This course equips participants with the knowledge and skills they need to conduct quality functional behavior assessments (FBA) and develop effective behavior intervention plans (BIP). Topics include process overview, data collection, planning & selecting interventions, and progress monitoring.


Feedback with the Daily Behavior Report Card (DBRC) Intervention

This course introduces the foundational components of the Feedback with DBRC intervention and provides guidance for successful implementation in the school setting. Through specific and frequent feedback, staff guide students through reflection and evaluation of their actions to improve future outcomes.


Behavior in Schools: How the Science of Behavior Impacts Students & Schools

This course introduces foundational components of behavior science and how they are applied in the school environment. Topics include developing an instructional mindset for behavior, selecting replacement behaviors, understanding the function of behavior, and reinforcing & correcting behavior.


The Check-In Check-Out Intervention for Schools

This course introduces the purpose and process of the Check-In/Check-Out daily behavior intervention. Interactive activities, video modeling and downloadable resources are provided throughout the course to guide successful implementation. This course is useful for behavior interventionists, counselors, or other school staff.


Classroom Management Framework

This course helps participants create an effective plan for Tier 1 classroom behavior support. Topics include making connections, establishing expectations, creating procedures and providing behavioral feedback. This course is useful for classroom teachers.