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Exploring Behavior & Trauma Informed Practices

Emergent Tree Education and guest, Roland Toscano, Superintendent from East Central ISD, explore how trauma informed practices and partnerships with other support providers can enhance multi-tiered behavior systems to meet the needs of students and their families.

Behavior in Schools

This course introduces foundational components of behavior science and how they are applied in the school environment. Topics include developing an instructional mindset for behavior, selecting replacement behaviors, understanding the function of behavior, and reinforcing & correcting behavior. This course is useful for paraprofessionals, classroom teachers, campus administrators, and other school personnel who would benefit …

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Exploring Behavior & Social Emotional Learning (SEL)

Emergent Tree Education and guest, April Chatmon, Director of SEL & Guidance in San Marcos CISD, explore how campus and district teams can integrate Social Emotional Learning (SEL) into their multi-tiered behavior systems to improve the educational experience for both students and teachers.

Exploring Behavior & Design Thinking

Emergent Tree and Dr. Julie Schell discuss how concepts of design thinking can aide educators in tackling barriers to providing effective behavior support in schools.  Design thinking is a collaborative and creative process that involves building empathy & understanding of the problem, engaging in ongoing feedback & reflection, and implementing iterative solutions to address challenges.

Tier 3: Solid Roots Resource Subscription

The Solid Roots Tier 3 Resource Subscription provides materials to implement and maintain Tier 3 interventions within a multi-tiered system for behavior support. The subscription includes: downloadable templates, video modeling, and lesson plans.

The Check-In Check-Out Intervention

This course introduces the foundational components of the Check-In/Check-Out intervention and provides guidance for successful implementation. Drawing on research from behavioral science, brain development, and restorative practices, Check-In/Check-Out is a simple and effective intervention that provides students with positive connection, skill practice, goal-setting, and guided reflection. This course is useful for behavior interventionists, counselors, mentors …

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Exploring Behavior & Restorative Practices

Emergent Tree and Mark Medley discuss how restorative practices help create strong relationships within the school community and enhance multi-tiered systems of support for behavior. The webinar explores how restorative practices build connections & empathy while emphasizing instruction to repair harm.

Exploring Behavior & Mental Health

Emergent Tree and Dr. Amy Grosso discuss how mental health supports impact behavior in schools. The webinar provides strategies to begin discussion in your school about the impacts of mental health awareness and services on students and teacher outcomes.

Exploring Behavior & Equity

Emergent Tree and Dr. Rachelle Warren discuss how equity and anti-racist practices impact behavior in schools. The webinar provides strategies to begin discussion in your school about the impacts of race upon student opportunities and outcomes.